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The history of CellaVision

You can follow our development into the international group we have become by looking at some of our most important milestones.

1916 - RAL Diagnostics was founded by two collaborators of Louis Pasteur: Pr. Roux & Legroux and M. Agulhon, Director of Kuhlman industries.

1960 - RAL joins Rhône-Poulenc. Following a number of mergers in the chemistry field, RAL Diagnostics, joins the health-care division of Rhône-Poulenc group (Aventis).

1994 - CellaVision® was established in Lund, Sweden with a vision to elevate healthcare through the evolution of microscopy. 

1996 - RAL Diagnostics becomes independent and transfers its production facilities to Martillac, France.

2001 - CellaVision establishes its U.S. presence by acquiring TBI.  

2001 - 2019 CellaVision sales offices established in USA, Canada, Japan, China, S.Korea, Dubai, France, Australia, DAHC, UK, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, India, Italy and Iberia.  

2001 - CellaVision launches DiffMaster Octavia.  

2003 - CellaVision launches DM96.  

2005 - CellaVision launches its Competency software and the CellaVision DM8.  

2008 - The CellaVision Body Fluid Application is launched.

2009 - CellaVision was qualified for trade on the new NASDAQ OMX First North Premier.  

2010 - CellaVision was listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Small Cap. 

2010 - CellaVision launches the DM1200.  

2010 - RAL Diagnostics launches MCDh®, the first methanol-free and high-definition biological staining for hematology, specifically developed for digital image analysis. 

2011 - 2022 - RAL Diagnostics  launches a range of instruments featuring the RAL Stainer, the RAL StainBox and the RAL SmearBox.

2012 - CellaVision launches the DM96 Vet.  

2013 - The CellaVision Proficiency Software and the Sysmex DI-60 are launched.  

2014 - CellaVision launches the DM9600 and the CellaVision Advanced RBC software.  

2015 - CellaVision Academy is introduced.  

2017 - CellaVision Classroom Initiative is introduced.  

2018 - CellaVision was listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm, Mid Cap.  

2019 - CellaVision acquires RAL Diagnostics, providing the company with the ability to further improve the quality of sample preparation. RAL supplies innovative products and solutions for standardized laboratory diagnostics and improved performance for cellular image processing.   

2019 - CellaVision launches the DC-1

2020 - CellaVision DC-1 Vet and Sysmex DI-60 Vet are launched.  

2021 - CellaVision acquires the exclusive rights to a patent portfolio on Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy (FPM) from Clearbridge BioPhotonics.