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Trusted by the very best healthcare professionals

We cover all your cell morphology needs

Cell morphology from a-z

From analyzers and instruments to reagents, software, and applications, our digital cell morphology portfolio has everything you need to make processes simpler, tasks more standardized, and your day smoother and easier to manage.

Safeguarding your lab operations

No lab is beyond our reach. Our global presence and partner network ensures you get the morphology solution and support your lab needs – from installation and training to technical service and maintenance – whenever you need it.

We brought digital cell morphology to the world

Empowering your expertise

CellaVision Academy is designed to help you take the digital cell morphology skills in your lab to the next level. Our advanced tools strengthen best practice and knowledge sharing and ensure you can always get a second opinion, in a second.

Leading the field

Our intelligent microscopy solutions are clinically validated and trusted by the top 50 cancer centers and children’s hospitals in the US to deliver fast, accurate results time after time. We continue to draw on our deep knowledge to break new ground for the next generation of intelligent microscopy.