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Solutions for small labs

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Best practice methodology for low-volume labs

CellaVision brings principles of Digital Cell Morphology to low-volume hematology labs. We downscaled our offering to meet the capacity requirements and budget limitations of smaller labs while retaining all the core benefits that make our method the global best practice.



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Consistency and quality

CellaVision offers an automated testing process that helps small labs to perform blood cell differentials faster and with consistent accuracy and reliability. Our standardized decision support framework and remote review functionality enhance quality further by enabling easy consultation with colleagues, supervisors, and other morphology experts.

Our product offering for small labs

CellaVision offers a complete portfolio of products for smearing, staining, and analyzing peripheral blood smears in low-volume hematology laboratories. 

  • CellaVision® DC-1 is a single-slide analyzer that automates and digitizes the process of analyzing peripheral blood smears.   

  • RAL® SmearBox produces high-quality peripheral blood smears.   

  • RAL® StainBox stains blood smears consistently and by laboratory guidelines.  

  • MCDh methanol-free stains are used by the RAL® StainBox to ensure high stain quality and reproducibility while reducing staff exposure to toxic chemicals.  

  • CellaVision Remote Review software makes it possible to review, adjust and verify cell differentials from a remote location.  


DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision

DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision is a complete workflow for smearing, staining, and analyzing peripheral blood smears in hematology labs that handle a smaller amount of daily blood samples

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