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Our sustainability approach

We take social, economic, and environmental responsibility to manage risks, create business opportunities and build trust. It is an effective way to contribute to the development and welfare of society and ultimately to fulfilling our vision – to establish a global standard of digital microscopy in the field of laboratory medicine. 

Our unique solutions contribute to the improved health of people worldwide. Through digitization and automation of blood analysis, treatment of serious illnesses can be initiated more quickly. With streamlining of the workflow in the laboratories, CellaVision contributes to better health care at a lower cost while digitalization increases the availability of better healthcare. Altogether, the company has a positive effect on the benefit to society and contributes to improved health globally.

Environmental Sustainability

Our environmental policy highlights the significance of environmental issues to our business and forms a basis for our environmental objectives. Our environmental work is prioritized in the following areas: Choice of suppliers, Resource consumption in product development, and Resource consumption and waste management in our daily office work. With our MCDh methanol-free stains, we ensure high stain quality and reproducibility while reducing staff exposure to toxic chemicals in laboratories around the world.   

Download CellaVision's Environmental Policy > 
Download ISO 14001 Certificate > 

Our Social Commitment

Our social commitment focuses on the core areas of education and entrepreneurship. In 2022, donations were made to Save the Children to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. They provided life-saving assistance, such as food and water, cash transfers, and safe spaces to make sure children and families impacted by this crisis have the immediate support they need to survive and rebuild their lives, as well as ensuring children have access to learning programs to make up for lost schooling.

Visit Save the Children website > 

Financial Sustainability

Corporations play an important role in mitigating carbon emissions. CellaVision recommends its distribution partners to always choose the shipping option with the least environmental impact. Carbon emissions caused by CellaVision’s operations are mainly from business trips by air. To compensate for emissions, CellaVision supports a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, which is a central part of the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. The CDM project scheme has well-developed control mechanisms with independent authorized auditors that report directly to the UN.

CellaVision also supports a wind power project that meets the environmental “Gold Standard” quality label, which means that the project contributes to sustainable development in a broader perspective.

Download our Sustainability Report here >

Corporate values and business ethics 

Values and business ethics are important sustainability issues for a knowledge-based company like CellaVision. Our Code of Conduct describes our values and provides guidance on how we act in different business situations. Our Code of Conduct is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which together with CellaVision’s core values and policies constitute the foundation for our way of working. The fundamental principles of the Code are justice, honesty and legal compliance. 

Download CellaVision Code of Conduct >