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Board & Committees


Board member
Mikael Worning
Born: 1962
Elected: 2020
Shares: 2360

Education: Cand. Polit., Economics.

Other directorships: Chairman of the Board The Fertility Partnership Ltd and Tandlæ - Holding A/S. Ordinary board member in 3Shape A/S, Sonion A/S and Colony ApS. Former senior positions at Demant A/S, including President Demant Inc.

Independent of company and major shareholders.

Board member
Christer Fåhraeus
Born: 1965
Elected: 1994
Shares: 1928399

Education: BSc Medicine, MSc Bioengineering, BSc Mathematics, Ph.D. Neurophysiology, Ph.D. Engineering (hc), Graduate from Swedish armed forces language school.

Other directorships: President/CEO of EQL Pharma AB (publ). Chairman of the Board Bionamic AB. Board member Flatfrog Laboratories AB, Reccan AB, EQL Pharma AB (publ), Amniotics AB (publ), and Gasporox AB (publ). Founder of EQL Pharma AB and Flatfrog Laboratories AB, among others.

Dependent on major shareholders.

Ann-Charlotte Jarleryd
Ann-Charlotte Jarleryd
Board Member
Born: 1966
Elected: 2022

Education: BSc Business Administration, degree in journalism.

Other directorships: CFO at Addnode Group. Former experiences include CFO of Acando and Protect Data and authorized auditor at PwC.

Independent of company and major shareholders.

Louise Armstrong-Denby
Louise Armstrong-Denby
Board Member
Born: 1972
Elected: 2023

Education: Msc Advanced Analytical Chemistry, PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Other directorships: Chief Commercial Officer at Visiophram, a company active in digital pathology. Former experiences include Chies Sales Officer at Random 42 and Global Sales Director at Andor Technology. Also many years of experience from PerkinElmer.

Independent of company and major shareholders.

Board member
Stefan Wolf
Board Member
Born: 1964
Elected: 2018

Education: Biological Laboratory Science.

Other directorships: CEO of The Binding Site Group Ltd. Former experiences include CEO of Hemostasis, Hematology, and Specialty Diagnostics at Siemens Healthineers and Division President of Clinical Diagnostic Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Independent of company and major shareholders.

Kent stråhlen
Kent Stråhlen
Board Member
Born: 1968
Elected: 2022
Shares: 1000

Education: PhD Applied Mathematics.

Employed since 2000. Current position, Product Manager.

Board member appointed by the unions 2022.

Board member
Markus Jonasson Kristoffersson
Board Member
Born: 1980

Education: MSc Mechanical Engineering.

Employed since 2018. Current position, Mechanical Engineer, Hardware department, Devices & Software division.

Board member appointed by the unions 2021.

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Nomination Committee

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting in 2023, the Nomination Committee consists of: Christer Fåhraeus (appointed by Christer Fåhraeus with Companies), Nicklas Hansen (appointed by William Demant Invest A / S), Anette Andersson (appointed by SEB Investment funds), and Emil Hjalmarsson (appointed by Grenlunden CEVI AB). 

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee can email or ordinary mail to: The Nomination Committee, CellaVision AB, Mobilvägen 12, 223 62 Lund.

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Audit & Remuneration Committees

Audit Committee
The CellaVision Audit Committee was appointed within the Board in 2011. The committee comprises Mikael Worning, and Ann-Charlotte Jarleryd (Chairman).

Remuneration Committee
The CellaVision Remuneration Committee was appointed within the Board in 2011. The committee comprises Mikael Worning (Chairman) and Christer Fåhraeus.