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World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024

CellaVision’s long-term success is a result of our commitment to innovation. Our goal is to provide value to patients, customers, distributors, and product owners by incorporating smart solutions into everything we do. 

To commemorate the Creativity and Innovation Day this year, Simon Østergaard, CEO at CellaVision, shared his reflections about the meaning of creativity and innovation for the company and its future.


What defines the core innovation of CellaVision?

CellaVision invented Digital Cell Morphology in the 1990s. Digital Cell Morphology consists of the analysis of blood cells and enables the characterization of red blood cells and the classification of white blood cells and platelets. Digital Cell Morphology replaces microscopy, which is an important part of the analysis and diagnosis of diseases within blood and other sample formats. 

What are the vision and core values driving CellaVision?

Our vision is to elevate healthcare through the evolution of microscopy. Creativity and Innovation are therefore part of our core values: we innovate, we collaborate, we care. We innovate for labs and ultimately the patients. We also innovate in the way we work. Our business model is based on collaboration, on how we collaborate with our partners. We also care about each other, about the patients, and also about the greater society to bring our vision to life.

How will we see the vision unfold for CellaVision?

The vision of CellaVision will unfold in different directions.

We have already started to build a digital ecosystem in the hospital and lab communities around the world. We produce solutions for different lab sizes and we will continuously develop new reagents to secure pre-analytical consistency, and our AI to interpret other blood or bone marrow components to assist the diagnosis of the future. Connectivity is also part of our solutions. Wherever they are located, pathologists and hematologists can interpret data and review slides that are prepared at different sites. It is an ecosystem.

We are already offering this, but there are more innovations to come to bring this area to a superior stage for hematology labs. Our vision will also enable us to revolutionize microscopy by creating high-resolution images faster. This will pave the way for solutions for hematology. It will also enable us to start working with partners and labs to explore new applications outside of hematology. Exciting times are coming for CellaVision.

What makes CellaVision ready for the future?

CellaVision is ready for the future. The legacy that we've built in the past proves what we have accomplished but it is also a commitment to keep on innovating. We are investing 20% of our revenue into R&D and innovation and we are committed to doing so. This means that our innovation will be based on technologies, IP leveraging the knowledge that we have acquired, and also on our people and culture.

Our people and culture are indeed very important in the way we work together, and in the way we collaborate. We work internally and with partners, and we want to give our staff the best opportunities to be creative and develop novel solutions that fulfill our vision.