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Why is it essential to maintain your laboratory's automated equipment?

CellaVision RAL Stainer Fluo handling

In medical laboratories, automated staining systems are crucial in sample staining.  

Due to the complexity of these systems, their maintenance can become problematic. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure reliable, accurate results. 

Reliability and reproducibility of results 

Laboratory instruments, such as automated staining machines and other specialized equipment, perform various tests and analyses. Regular maintenance ensures these instruments operate reliably, which is essential for accurate, reproducible results. Poorly maintained instruments can lead to inconsistent or incorrect analyses, slowing down or preventing the interpretation of results and sometimes delaying medical diagnosis


Equipment breakdowns can lead to interruptions in the laboratory workflow. Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of such interruptions, enabling the laboratory to operate more efficiently

Cost savings 

Regular preventive maintenance can avoid most breakdowns and replacements of laboratory instruments. Maintenance (daily, annual, etc.) enables parts with a short lifespan to be replaced, problems to be identified and solved early, and heavy, unnecessary expenditure to be avoided.