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Solutions for small labs

Solutions for laboratories

CellaVision offers scalable solutions that redefine and transform the process of performing blood differentials for labs of all sizes. We adapt our solutions according to customers’ needs regarding analysis capacity, analysis type, sample preparation solutions, centralization of data, and monitoring of workflow.


Solutions for veterinary medicine

CellaVision brings over 20 years of world-class hematology experience into the veterinary labs. Vets now have access to the same unique CellaVision technology as physicians. This brings many advantages to veterinary medicine, including an automated and simplified process of performing blood cell differentials.

Implementation benefits of our technology

CellaVision offers your lab a range of proven operational and clinical benefits.


Improve efficiency by replacing manual microscopy with an automated digital imaging system that saves time and releases skilled staff.


Improve connectivity to create a collaborative process that makes more efficient and flexible use of resources staff and skills.


Promote proficiency by implementing effective processes and tools for proficiency assessment and competency promotion.