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Continued focus on innovation

Our long-term success is a result of our commitment to innovation. Our goal is to provide value to patients, customers, distributors, and owners by incorporating smart solutions into everything we do. Our research and development focus on offering superior analytical and diagnostic certainty by creating an ecosystem that combines reagents with hardware and software.

Our analyzers span a wide range of technologies. We use artificial intelligence to classify images, and our systems contain high-precision mechanics and advanced imaging solutions that deliver state-of-the-art images. Our easy-to-use interfaces provide an efficient way of working with the instruments.

Our smearing and staining devices consistently produce high-quality peripheral blood smears that follow laboratory guidelines. Our MCDh methanol-free stains ensure high stain quality and reproducibility while reducing staff exposure to toxic chemicals. Our teams are attuned to our customers’ needs allowing them to develop innovative solutions in the field of chemistry, biology, mechanics, optics, electronics. Our researchers are constantly striving to expand their areas of expertise to other related fields, especially through dynamic exchanges with institutional and private experts in relevant areas.