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DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision

DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision – a complete workflow solution for small hematology laboratories.

Preparing and analyzing blood smears is challenging for many laboratories, especially for smaller labs where this process is manual.


Performing blood cell differentials manually is a strenuous and time-consuming laboratory procedure. It is also highly dependent on the availability of experienced personnel. These challenges make it difficult for laboratory managers to ensure consistency and testing quality. This, in turn, can impact healthcare delivery to patients.

DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision is a complete workflow solution for small hematology laboratories that automates and simplifies the process of smearing, staining, and analyzing blood smears with consistency. It includes three instruments: CellaVision® DC-1, RAL® SmearBox, and RAL® StainBox.

The RAL® StainBox uses MCDh methanol-free stains to ensure high stain quality and reproducibility while reducing laboratory staff exposure to toxic chemicals.

Learn more about DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision here.