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Bone Marrow Presentation

The tails and trails of bone marrow aspirate differentials

Presented by Dr. Steve Marionneaux

Scientific Affairs, CellaVision AB, Lund, Sweden

During the ISLH lunch symposium earlier this year, Dr. Steve Marionneaux held a presentation about bone marrow differentials.

ISLH presentation Bone Marrow Aspirate Differentials

The bone marrow nucleated cell differential is an essential component of the diagnostic workup of hematological abnormalities. Selection of the areas on the aspirate slide where the nucleated cell differential is counted is critical for obtaining accurate cell count results. However, guidance on how areas should be selected is limited and there are no investigations in the literature on how area selection can affect the nucleated differential cell count. This presentation reviews how area selection on bone marrow aspirate slides can impact the results of the nucleated cell differential and how the use of artificial intelligence and digital cell morphology can potentially aid the selection of analysis areas in an objective manner.       

Watch the webinar here.

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