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Future-proofing hematology laboratories with Digital Cell Morphology #2

Learning by doing—digitally

Region Skåne use their DCM systems and CellaVision Proficiency Software to educate staff continuously, and test for proficiency on an ongoing and annual basis.

Region Skåne: Future-proofing hematology laboratories with Digital Cell Morphology


Using any computer on the network, technicians can access the secure, cloud-based software on demand and begin working on a test scenario that has been pre-prepared by a supervisor. Supervisors can draw from real slides from their own CellaVision database, or from a library of digital slides that accompanies the software, enabling them to design a wide, diverse range of competency tests to suit specific proficiency goals. Technicians are alerted when new tests are available, and instructed to perform cell classifications and characterizations that are then automatically graded and shared with both technician and supervisor. The system generates performance reports that highlight potential areas of improvement—and these are all stored in the technician’s personal file, so progress and skills development can be tracked over time.

“Technicians can view a lot of differentials in a far shorter time than it takes to perform them manually, and get answers really fast,” says Camilla. “Our staff enjoy the system—it’s a lot more appealing to them than a microscope.”

DCM benefits everyone from top-line manager to trainee to patient. “You have to learn by doing, but you can’t learn on real patients,” explains Frida. “With differentials, it isn’t easy to identify cell types, and you have to learn to know the difference. You need to look at many differentials to gain confidence in making decisions—and this is far easier on the digital system than it is via microscope.”

As well as supporting trainees in developing fresh skills, the CellaVision Pro Software enables continual and annual assessment to ensure that technician expertise remains at a high level. Due to this increased capacity for training, education and longer-term proficiency testing, Region Skåne can guarantee a workforce of skilled staff capable of delivering consistent, reliable, high-quality results.


At the cutting edge

Region Skåne has prioritized the future-proofing of their operations for over 20 years, demonstrating first-hand how DCM can bring a whole new way of working to hematology laboratories. Region Skåne has created a network-wide DCM workflow, with all of Region Skåne’s metropolitan and regional laboratories equipped with DCM instruments. “This has secured efficient cooperation between all our laboratories” says Camilla.

Competency promotion and proficiency testing can be difficult to implement in a consistent, sustained way, but CellaVision solutions help overcome these difficulties to keep laboratories at the cutting edge—as demonstrated by Region Skåne’s distributed network. CellaVision moves away from outdated methods of working, offering a streamlined, connected way to weather forthcoming staff shortages, build highly competent and continually improving teams, and ensure future success.


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