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We receive a lot of good questions from our customers, and we’re here to help you find the right answers! Welcome to our FAQ section!

At CellaVision, we understand that various aspects of our products can sometimes raise questions. On this page, we offer insights and solutions to help you understand our product features. 

If you are already one of our product users, trainers, or distribution partners, you will find a comprehensive FAQ under our Resource section, after login into your account. 

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Can I rerun my old slides that I have saved as teaching slides?

If the slides are wedge smears and have not deteriorated too much you can run them. If it is just to save them, we recommend running them and then copying them into an Export Database where they can remain indefinitely and always be available for review


Do the CellaVision analyzers learn in our lab, based on how we identify cells?

No –The Systems are not “trained” on site. The Artificial Neural Networks are trained at CellaVision by morphological experts and are updated occasionally through software updates that come from CellaVision.


Do we have the ability to add cell classifications ?

Yes, you have the ability to add or rename WBC cell classes and RBC characterizations for manual reclassification. For assistance with this, please contact your distributor.


Is there a Quality Control function on the CellaVision analyzers?

Yes, it's called the Cell Location Test. It is used for verifying cell location accuracy in combination with the staining protocol used. For more information, please see the User’s Manual or view the How-To Video “How to Perform the Cell Location Test and Why”


How long will it store the Cell Location test results?

You will either be able to see and review 5 days’ worth or you will be able to see and review your last 3 runs (regardless of their age) plus be able to use the Show History button to see the last 30 days of results in a chart format. Which one you can do will depend upon your software version.


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