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Proficiency Global Test

CellaVision Global Test 2023:1

CellaVision Global Test is back! We are launching a blood cell morphology challenge where laboratory personnel, physicians, students, or anyone who loves morphology will take the same test and compare results using the web-based CellaVision Proficiency Software. 

Global test


The aim of the CellaVision Global Test is for participants to see how well they classify cells as compared with others and to highlight differences in classification and reporting between countries around the world. 

All you need to do is to sign up here before the 21st of March. The test will be released on the 23rd of March and closed on the 12th of April.  

Register today and urge your colleagues and friends to join you! 

Technical Recommendations 

  • Operating systems: Windows and Mac 

  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 

For instructions on how to use the software, take a look at our Proficiency Tutorials

Global Test Webinar 

On the 19th of April, we will host a webinar in which Steven Marionneaux PhD, our scientific and medical affairs adviser, will discuss the case and the Global Test results. You will receive an invitation to the webinar in your email.