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CellaVision® launches a complete workflow solution for low-volume hematology laboratories

On July 27, 2022, CellaVision® announces the launch of DIFF-Line ™ by CellaVision, a new workflow solution for low-volume hematology laboratories, at the AACC convention in Chicago.

DIFF-Line ™ by CellaVision consists of three instruments for smearing, staining, and analyzing peripheral blood smears: CellaVision® DC-1, RAL® SmearBox, and RAL® StainBox.

  • CellaVision® DC-1 is a single-slide analyzer that automates and digitizes the process of analyzing peripheral blood smears. The analyzer has an automated microscope, a high-quality digital camera, and an advanced computer system that uses artificial intelligence to locate, digitally capture, and pre-classify cells from stained blood smears. The pre-classified cells are presented on a computer screen for review and verification. The CellaVision® DC-1 was launched in 2019 and received FDA clearance in October 2020.
  • RAL® SmearBox produces high-quality peripheral blood smears. The automated instrument uses a patented consumable to produce smears directly from a closed whole sample tube. CellaVision is introducing the RAL SmearBox to the market today July 27, 2022.
  • RAL® StainBox stains blood smears consistently and by laboratory guidelines. The semi-automated instrument utilizes the bath method and guides the laboratory through a step-by-step staining process. Improved staining protocols contribute to ease of use and optimized DC-1 performance. The RAL® StainBox uses MCDh methanol-free stains to ensure high stain quality and reproducibility while reducing staff exposure to toxic chemicals.

Simon Ostergaard, CellaVision CEO, comments on the launch: "DIFF-Line™ by CellaVision is a comprehensive solution for small labs that want to improve diagnostic certainty. With the acquisition of RAL Diagnostics, CellaVision can now offer a complete workflow for smearing, staining, and analyzing peripheral blood smears in hematology labs that handle a smaller amount of daily blood samples.”

DIFF-Line ™ by CellaVision is available on the European market from July 2022 and will be rolled out in more markets in 2022. All CellaVision products are sold through their distribution partners.  



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VP Global Marketing, CellaVision

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Director Marketing, CellaVision

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