CellaVision is the world-leading provider of digital solutions for medical microscopy in the field of hematology. We have made it our business to help hematology laboratories around the world improve and transform the process of performing blood cell differentials.

Since the turn of the millennium, we have pioneered a digital hematology workflow that promotes consistency in performance and reporting, and enables expedient off-site reviews by experts.

Implementation benefits of our technology
Reduce sample processing time for better operational efficiency
Our technology allows you to reduce the review time for blood cell differentials by up to 50%, making it possible to take on a greater volume of samples.
Standardize the review process for more consistent results
Replacing manual microscopy with a more standardized testing process helps you manage quality and ensure results are accurate and reliable.
Sharing of cell images for consultation and collaboration
It becomes easier and quicker for Veterinary Technologists to collaborate within and between lab units. Challenging slides that require a second opinion can be accessed remotely.
Features specifically designed for Multi-Species

As blood from different species of animals have varying characteristics our analyzer must know what species of animal the sample comes from. It uses different machine learning algorithms depending on the species. Some features are only available for certain species.

Pre-classification of WBCs and pre-characterization of RBC morphology in canine blood. These features are available when running canine samples:

• WBC pre-classification
• RBC pre-characterization
• Feathered Edge Scan
Pre-classification of WBCs and pre-characterization of RBC morphology in feline blood. When running feline samples, you have access to the same features as for canine samples:

• WBC pre-classification
• RBC pre-characterization
• Feathered Edge Scan
For avian blood, the veterinary software provides a WBC estimate, a unique capability only provided by CellaVision. A feature not possible with a CBC analyzer. Avian samples can exclusively be run on the CellaVision DC‐1 hematology analyzer.

• WBC pre-classification
• Manual RBC characterization
• WBC concentration estimate
• Feathered Edge Scan
For other mamalian species the analyzer will process the sample as canine. This means it will use the same pre-classification and offer you the same functionalities as for a canine sample.

• WBC pre-classification
• RBC pre-characterization
• Feathered Edge Scan
Supported Applications and Features
CellaVision® Peripheral Blood Application For Vet
WBC Differential + RBC Review + PLT Review
The CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application enables laboratories to automate, standardize and simplify morphological examination of peripheral blood smears. Implemented together with CellaVision analyzers and supporting software CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application speeds up and simplifies the review process while delivering more standardized results.
Feathered Edge View
The Vet software comes with functionality for automatically scanning the feathered edge area-an important feature when looking for platelet clumps and parasites. With our software you can capture an overview image of the feathered edge area. From the overview image it is possible to zoom, select and save regions of interest. Those images can be viewed remotely or archived for future reference.
Customized reports with cell images
The Vet application generates order reports that enable clear and accurate communication of results. It is possible to include user selected images of WBCs. It is also possible to customize the reports by adding your organization name, contact information and logo image. The report can be saved as a pdf.
Digital Scanning Tool
Scan/Share multiple sample types
Sometimes you need to step back and see the big picture or zoom in for a closer look. An added benefit of our software is the ability to create high quality digital slides. The slides are scanned, depending on analyzer, in 10x, 50x or 100x and our software allows you to capture the sample or zoom seamlessly in on the exact detail you want to examine.
CellaVision® Remote Review Software , CellaVision® Server Software
With CellaVision Remote Review and CellaVision Server Software, distances dissolve and isolated laboratories become a network of partners able to collaborate and share everything. Using an existing network, multiple CellaVision analyzers and review sites can utilize a common image database. Cell images and data can be “Collected” at one location and challenging slides “Connected” to expert pathologists at another.

  • Access cell images, both current and historical, remotely
  • Collaborate within and / or between sites and lab units in real time
  • View cell counter results and flags
  • Facilitates review and consultation by
    morphology experts
  • Capacity to support and manage
    data input from up to 70 analyzers
    and 75 remote reviewers

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.

*Processing time may vary depending on smear quality, WBC concentration and number of non-WBCs


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