Introducing CellaVision Server Software

When implemented together with CellaVision hardware and supporting applications, the CellaVision Server Software creates a single streamlined workflow within one or multiple testing sites, enabling laboratory professionals to work smarter and perform better.

For larger multi-site/multi-analyzer organizations, the CellaVision Server Software improves opportunities for efficient workflow management and resource utilization while establishing a centralized and scalable IT architecture that’s easy to set-up and manage. With a single shared database, slides processed within the network can be reviewed on a first in, first out basis and it’s no longer necessary to maintain morphology expertise at all sites 24/7.


  • Database centralization
  • Improved data access throughout the network
  • Simple and reliable communication with LIS
  • Capacity to support and manage data input from up to 70 analyzers and 75 remote reviewers (200GB)
  • Activated through a software license (no hardware key needed)

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.


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