Introducing Remote Review Software

When implemented together with CellaVision hardware and supporting applications, the CellaVision Remote Review Software removes restrictive geographical constraints from the smear review process, enabling laboratories to work smarter and perform better.

How does it work?

  • Available as a single user- license as well as concurrent user-licenses
        - Professional Edition: for 1 single user
        - Team Edition: for up to 5 concurrent users
        - Group Edition: for up to 25 concurrent users
        - Enterprise Edition: for up to 75 concurrent users
  • The single user license is installed directly on the user’s PC
  • The concurrent user licenses are installed on the hospital server or on multiple user’s PC:s
  • After installation, users can review, adjust and verify cell differentials remotely


  • Removes geographical constraints from the smear review process
  • Makes it possible to review, adjust and verify cell differentials from anywhere, anytime
  • Facilitates collaboration between colleagues
  • Facilitates review and consultation by morphology experts
  • Create an opportunity for flexible and cost-effective utilization of staff and resources

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.


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