Introducing CellaVision Proficiency Software

When implemented together with CellaVision hardware and supporting applications, the CellaVision Proficiency Software acts as a platform for competency promotion in the area of cell morphology, facilitating ambitions and efforts to deliver more standardized results.

How it works

  • The cloud-based software can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet, using secure log-in to personalized user accounts.
  • The examiner can create test scenarios by uploading digital slides, either from their own CellaVision DM database or from a library of digital slides supplied by CellaVision.
  • The participants are automatically notified that a new test is available and instructed to perform a WBC classifications and RBC characterization on one or more digital slides.
  • Upon completion, participants can browse their test result, compare their differential to that of the examiner and those done by their co-participants.
  • The examiner is automatically provided with a performance report which highlights areas for future training and competency development.
  • And it’s easy to revisit previous tests in order to keep track of participants’ progress.

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Important information

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