Introducing CellaVision DC-1

The CellaVision DC-1 analyzer can be implemented stand-alone in a small independent lab or in the small satellite labs of a Distributed Laboratory Network.

  • Loading capacity: 1 slides
  • Throughput: Approximately 10 slides / h*

Mode of operation

To perform a manual differential, a thin film of blood is wedged on a barcoded glass slide and stained according to the May-Grünwald Giemsa or Wright protocol. During slide processing the analyzer automatically locates, digitally captures and pre-classifies cells, after which the operator verifies and/ or modifies the suggested classification if necessary. The operator may also introduce additional observations and comments when needed.


  • Automatically captures digital images of cells from blood smears
  • Loading Capacity of 1 slides
  • Approximately 10 slides throughput / h*
  • Creates digital scan of pre-defined area of any interesting specimen

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.

*Processing time may vary depending on smear quality, WBC concentration and number of non-WBCs


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