Introducing CellaVision Dashboard

The software compiles and displays a consolidated overview of key operational data. In addition, it provides efficient performance tracking across an organization that makes it easier to identify bottlenecks that affect operational efficiency.


  • At-a-glance view
    With an easy-to-use interface the CellaVision Dashboard allows for real time status of your differentials. Clear visualization of the number of processed slides, pending/completed pathology reviews, STAT slides and Turn around Time (TAT) per shift or customizable time frame.
  • Fast Identification of bottlenecks
    Measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) of both Analyzers and Reviewers. Live values and historical data provides your organization with daily, weekly and monthly trends. All metrics can also be downloaded to be included in your own customized reports and presentations.
  • Make informed decisions
    Improves informed decisions with up-to-date metrics helping laboratories to optimize workflow using the correct mix of both staff and analyzers.

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.


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