Introducing: CellaVision® Advanced RBC Application

For the past few years, we have been hard at work developing an application that would help our customers promote uniform and standardized reporting of red blood cell morphology. The result, CellaVision Advanced RBC Application, acts as complement to our Peripheral Blood Application and makes it possible to perform a much more comprehensive examination of red blood cell morphology.

A brand new way to review erythrocyte morphology

View cells grouped by shape, size, color, and inclusion characteristics
View cells in a high resolution image, including all the cells…
…or highlighting a selected cell category, for example tear drop cells

“This new application for red blood cell morphology gives our customers unprecedented opportunities to access red blood cells in number, shape and appearance, an important analysis for many hematological malignancies.”

Elina Abrahamsson
Application Specialist, CellaVision

Pre-characterization based on 21 morphological characteristics

  • Polychromatic cells
  • Hypochromatic cells
  • Anisocytosis
  • Microcytes
  • Macrocytes
  • Poikilocytosis
  • Target cells
  • Schistocytes
  • Helmet cells
  • Sickle cells
  • Spherocytes
  • Elliptocytes
  • Ovalocytes
  • Tear drop cells
  • Stomatocytes
  • Acanthocytes
  • Echinocytes
  • Howell-Jolly bodies
  • Pappenheimer bodies
  • Basophilic stippling
  • Parasites

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