Insider Title From, date
Prager, Niklas Member of the Board 2014-05-07
Hedin, Åsa Member of the Board 2015-05-06
Riedl, Jurgen Member of the Board 2018-05-04
Fåhraeus, Christer Member of the Board & major holder      2010-05-31
Mellstig, Sören Chairman of the Board 2016-04-31
Kronander, Torbjörn Member of the Board 2010-05-31
Malm Bernsten, Anna  Member of the Board 2013-05-02
Wolf, Stefan Member of the Board 2018-05-04 
Brandstrup, Jeppe VP Business Development 2016-08-15
Lundin, Mattias VP Global Sales 2015-09-16
Lindeberg, Magnus         VP Supply & Sourcing 2016-09-27
Morell, Adam VP Innovation & Engineering 2015-01-01
Morin, Maria VP HR & Corporate Communications   2013-01-14
Blixt, Magnus Member of the Board 2013-05-02
Rihter, Zlatko CEO 2015-01-01
Johnsson, Magnus VP Quality 2016-09-27
Wilson, Peter VP Global Marketing 2012-09-01

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