CellaVision AB: Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Chairman and members to the Board of Directors

2020-02-05 - English

The information was submitted to the public on February 5, 2020 at 8:25 CET

CellaVision AB (publ) today announces that the company's Nomination Committee has decided to propose the Annual General Meeting 2020 to elect Mikael Worning as new member of the Board. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Sören Mellstig as Chairman of the Board of CellaVision and re-election of Board members Christer Fåhraeus, Åsa Hedin, Anna Malm Bernsten, Niklas Prager, Jürgen Riedl, Stefan Wolf.

Mikael Worning, of Danish nationality and born 1962, has many years of experience from leading positions in global sales of medical devices, primarily in diagnostics and hearing aids (including implants). Mikael Worning is the President of the subsidiary for Demant's operations in North and South America, which represents just over 40% of Demant Group's revenues. Mikael Worning has successfully led the consolidation of a fragmented business structure into a coordinated business model encompassing both its own organization, and through the acquisition of companies, to achieve commercial success.

“It feels great to propose the Annual General Meeting the election of Mikael Worning as a new member of CellaVision's Board of Directors. Mikael Worning has long international experience in senior positions in medical technology and business development, which will further strengthen and complement CellaVision's Board of Directors", says Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of CellaVision's Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee consists of Nicklas Hansen (appointed by William Demant Invest A/S), Christer Fåhraeus (appointed by Christer Fåhraeus and companies), Joel Eklund (appointed by Grenlunden CEVI AB) and Bo Lundgren (appointed by Swedbank Robur funds). The Nomination Committee is convened by Sören Mellstig who participated as co-opted, but who is not part of the Nomination Committee.

Nomination Committee's proposal on the Board composition:
Sören Mellstig Chairman of the Board
Christer Fåhraeus - Board member
Åsa Hedin - Board member
Anna Malm Bernsten - Board member
Niklas Prager - Board member
Jürgen Riedl - Board member
Stefan Wolf - Board member
Mikael Worning – Board member

The Nomination Committee believes that the proposed Board of Directors expertise and experience thus meets the requirements for competence and experience.

The Nomination Committee's other proposals to the Annual General Meeting, which will take place in Lund at CellaVision AB at 15:00 on April 23, will be stated in the notice to the Annual General Meeting, published in mid-March this year.

For more information, please contact:
Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 (0) 705-60 90 00 | Email: cf@eqlpharma.com

Sören Mellstig, Chairman of the Board, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 (0) 705-13 65 81 | Email: soren@mellstig.se

About CellaVision
CellaVision is an innovative, global medical technology company that develops and sells products for sample preparation and leading systems for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids in health care services. The analyses often constitute important reference data for fast and correct diagnosis of illnesses, for example of infections and serious cancers. CellaVision’s products rationalize manual laboratory work, and secure and support effective workflows and skills development within and between hospitals. The company has leading-edge expertise in sample preparation, image analysis, artificial intelligence and automated microscopy. Sales are via global partners, supported by the parent company in Lund and by the company's 17 local market support organizations with direct presence in more than 30 countries. In 2019 sales were SEK 462 million. The share is listed on the Nasdaq, Stockholm, Mid Cap list. Read more at www.cellavision.com

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