Bulletin from the Annual General Meeting of CellaVision AB (publ) held on April 24, 2013

2013-04-24 - English

CellaVision AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting today, April 24, 2013, in Lund. The meeting resolved upon the following:

  • Payment of dividend in the amount of SEK 0.40 per share with April 29, 2013 as record date, meaning that payment will is expected to be made on May 3, 2013.
  • Discharge from liability for the members of the Board of Directors and the President and CEO.
  • Re-election of all members of the Board and the auditor.
  • Resolution on remuneration for the members of the Board and the auditor.

More detailed information concerning the resolutions passed at the general meeting of shareholders is available in Swedish only.

CEO Yvonne Mårtensson's address to the meeting is available at the Investor pages at CellaVision's website.

For more information, please contact:
Lars Gatenbeck, Chairman of the Board, CellaVision AB.
Tel: +46 70 535 44 44. E-mail: lars.gatenbeck@lifemedical.se  

Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO, CellaVision AB.
Tel: +46 708 33 77 82. E-mail: yvonne.martensson@cellavision.com  

About CellaVision
CellaVision is an innovative, global medical technology company that develops and sells its own leading systems for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids in health care services. The analyses often constitute important reference data for fast and correct diagnosis of illnesses, for example of infections and serious cancers. CellaVision's products rationalize manual laboratory work, and secure and support effective workflows and skills development within and between hospitals. The company has leading-edge expertise in image analysis, artificial intelligence and automated microscopy. In 2012 sales were SEK 170 million and sales continue to increase, with a growth target of at least 15 % per year over an economic cycle. CellaVision's registered office is in Lund and the company has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and Japan. The share is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Small Cap list. Read more at www.cellavision.com.  

This information was released for public disclosure on April 24, 2013 at 19.30  CET.

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