CellaVision AB: Interim report January - March 2013

2013-04-24 - English

More sales channels increase our growth opportunities but the year got off to a weak start

January 1 - March 31, 2013

  • Net sales were SEK 33.8 million (40.4).
  • Operating profit was SEK -0.7 million (5.4).
  • Profit before tax was SEK -1.5 million (4.4).
  • Earnings per share were SEK -0.06 (0.11).
  • Cash and cash equivalents at the close of the quarter were SEK 52.5 million (56.5).
  • CellaVision signs an agreement with one more distribution partner in Europe - Abbott.
  • New product for quality assurance launched - CellaVision® Proficiency Software.

Significant events after the period close

  • CellaVision and Beckman Coulter increased their cooperation by adding EMEA to their global distribution agreement. The agreement entered into force on April 8, 2013. 
  • On April 16 CellaVision and Sysmex published the news of a jointly developed product, the DI-60, for laboratories in hematology. CellaVision's digital image analysis technology has been integrated with Sysmex cell counters and sample preparation instruments.
  • On April 19 Magnus Blixt was appointed new CFO, taking up his position on May 2, 2013.

Key ratios

(SEK million) Jan-March 2013 Jan-March 2012 Full year
Net sales 33.8 40.4 169.5
Gross profit or loss 22.0 27.1 110.1
Operating profit -0.7 5.4 20.7
Operating margin, % Neg. 13.4 12.2
Profit/loss before tax -1.5 4.4 18.6
Cash flow for the period 6.3 -0.3 -10.6

Comments by CellaVision's CEO Yvonne Mårtensson:
"The subdued demand for medical devices we experienced at the end of 2012 has continued into 2013. In the year's first quarter our sales were lower in our main markets, Europe and North America, and we report negative earnings. Fortunately enough, our sales are strong in the Asia & Pacific region, which is a result of determined market penetration in the region. The region is an important growth market for us.

In 2013 several business transactions have taken place that are of very great significance for CellaVision's future development. Siemens started selling globally and received its first order in Europe. In Europe we broadened our sales channels at the same time by signing agreements with Beckman Coulter and Abbott. In most geographical markets we now cooperate with four of the five major players, which increases CellaVision's visibility and growth potential.

For the first time we are integrating our world-leading technology with a partner's product. The product is the result of a long-standing sound partnership with Sysmex but also a natural development of the product offer to the hematology market, in which automation is an important factor behind increased effectiveness. The DI-60 will keep CellaVision at the leading edge of its area of technology. As part of our cost effectiveness strategy the product was developed on our primary hardware platform, CellaVision DM1200.

Interest in our products and our position in the market has never been stronger. However, the continuing weak world economy is delaying the hospital laboratories' purchases of equipment which impacts on our distributors' demand. Uncertainty in the market affects us and we expect lower income and negative earnings also in the second quarter. Looking ahead, I look forward with confidence to the results of our new products and broad distribution channels."

Questions concerning the report can be addressed to:
Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 708 33 77 82. Email: yvonne.martensson@cellavision.se  

Sven-Åke Henningsson, Acting CFO, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 705 93 43 81. Email: ir@cellavision.se

PDF version: CellaVision AB: Interim report January-March 2013

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