CellaVision's product offer

The CellaVision product portfolio consists of analyzers with supporting applications and software, which form a unique concept that transforms hematology testing. CellaVisions primary focus is offering product solutions for the healthcare market but we have also developed an ancillary product offering aimed at the veterinary market.

CellaVision family of products can be combined and configured with a high degree of flexibility, making it possible to accommodate the needs of labs of all sizes. This scalability makes it possible for a CellaVision configuration to range from a single analyzer to a highly complex network of analyzers supporting multiple sites.

CellaVision Product Overview

Healthcare market


• CellaVision® DM9600
• CellaVision® DM1200


• CellaVision® Peripheral Blood Application
• CellaVision® Advanced RBC Application
• CellaVision® Body Fluid Application


• CellaVision® Remote Review Software
• CellaVision® Image Capture System
• CellaVision® Proficieny Software
• CellaVision® CellAtlas

Veterinary market


• CellaVision® DM9600 VET
• CellaVision® DM1200 VET


• CellaVision® Peripheral Blood Application VET


• CellaVision® Remote Review Software VET

CellaVisions OEM Partnership with Sysmex

CellaVision has a successful OEM partnership with Symex, resulting in the Automated Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer DI-60 which enables a fully integrated an automated analysis line for hematology.

Continuous innovation

Improving healthcare through continuous innovation is one of CellaVision’s fundamental ambitions, and the company holds a patent portfolio that consists of a total of 23 patented inventions that has generated 57 registered patents. In 2014, the total spend on innovation and product development amounted to million 35 SEK corresponding to 16 % of net sales.

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