About our business

In today’s healthcare economy, hematology laboratories are under increasing pressure to do more with less. They are asked to reduce costs, speed up testing and improve productivity while taking on an increasing number of samples and, despite a widespread shortage of proficient staff, deliver better and more reliable results. CellaVisions business success rests on our ability to effectively address these customer challenges and help laboratories leverage technology in the pursuit of operational efficiency.

CellaVision’s products automate and rationalize the work that is traditionally done by laboratory personnel using conventional microscopes. By introducing innovative automation, digital imaging and artificial neural network technology, CellaVision makes the analysis process faster, better and more flexible – creating a more streamlined workflow for the laboratory and improving quality of care for healthcare patients.

Our product offer

CellaVision’s product portfolio consists of analyzers with supporting applications and software, which form a unique concept that replace the convectional microscope. The products can be combined and configured with a high degree of flexibility, making it possible to effectively accommodate the needs of labs of all sizes. This scalability makes it possible for a CellaVision configuration to range from a single analyzer to a highly complex network of analyzers supporting multiple sites.

The target market and its mechanics

CellaVision’s target market consists of large and mid-size technologically mature laboratories with high volume testing requirements. The value of this global target market is estimated to at least 15 billion SEK to the point of distribution. Laboratories generally purchase CellaVision technology in conjunction with the replacement of their cell counter - a key piece of equipment present in almost every hematology lab. Laboratories replace their cell counters at intervals of about seven to ten years, which means that the average annual target market for CellaVision is about one billion SEK. CellaVision’s share of the target market has grown over the years and in 2017 was about 18 percent with manual microscopy accounting for 82%. CellaVision is leading the way with the objective to create a global standard for digital microscopy in the sub field of hematology.

Our business model

To achieve scalability in manufacture and sales CellaVision work with strategic partners. This creates a modern and effective business model with minor capacity restrictions and great flexibility at both the manufacturing and selling stages.

    • Suppliers
      CellaVision´s analyzers are manufactured in Sweden on contract by Kitron. There are direct agreements with selected sub-contractors for key components.
    • Distribution
      CellaVision works with the four largest suppliers of cell counters and other hematology equipment. These partnerships provide access to high-performing global sales organizations with local knowledge and the capability to offer the breadth and depth of service demanded by laboratories. As such, most CellaVision products reaches the end customer as part of a package deal developed and sold by a CellaVision partner.

The competition

CellaVision’s greatest competitor is manual microscopy which remains the methodology used by 82 percent of the potential target market. However, digital microscopy is becoming more established and is gradually taking market share from the manual method. Few alternative methods in digital microscopy have been commercialized and with an 18 percent share of the target market, CellaVision is the product category leader. Our advantage over competitors is apparent both in terms of technical solutions and the strong position CellaVision has established over 15 years of sales.

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