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Learn more about CellaVision, our global marketplace and the mechanics of our successful business model

Reports & financial information

This section holds all our quarterly and annual reports alongside important bulletins and communications

Comments & presentations

Here you’ll find a library of management commentaries and presentations related to CellaVision’s financial reporting and overall business performance

Financial calendar

Here you’ll find the release dates of CellaVision’s financial reports, investor related presentations, Annual General Meetings, and dividend related dates

Our product offer

Learn more about our product offer and the unique technology that is the driving force behind our commercial success

Corporate governance

Click here to read about our commitment to the principles of corporate governance

Press releases

Get an idea of what is happening at CellaVision by reviewing our library of press releases

The CellaVision Share

The CellaVision share has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Small Cap, since May 31 2010.

Key CellaVision contacts

Information, comments and advice is just an email or telephone call away! Here you’ll find a presentation of key CellaVision contacts for investors

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