Sustainability is an important and natural part of CellaVisions’ operations and we take sustainability into consideration in all key business processes throughout the entire value chain. We take social, economic and environmental responsibility to manage risks, create business opportunities and build trust. It is an effective way to contribute to the development and welfare of society and ultimately to fulfilling CellaVision’s vision – to establish a global standard digital microscopy in the field of laboratory medicine.

Corporate values and business ethics

Values and business ethics are important sustainability issues for a knowledge-based company like CellaVision. The Code of Conduct describes CellaVision’s values and provides guidance on how our staff should act and behave in various business situations. The Code is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and together with CellaVision’s core values and policies constitutes the foundation for our way of working. The fundamental principles of the Code are justice, honesty and legal compliance.

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Environmental responsibility

CellaVision’s environmental policy highlights the significance of environmental issues to our business and forms a basis for our environmental objectives. Our environmental work is directed at objectives in the following priority areas:

    • Choice of suppliers
    • Resource consumption in product development
    • Resource consumption and waste management in our daily office work

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Social commitment

CellaVision’s social commitment focuses on the core areas of education and entrepreneurship. CellaVision has supported the charity initiative Hand in Hand since 2009. Hand in Hand creates jobs for the poorest by educating women, so that they can start companies and thereby work themselves out of poverty. The money provides the women with training in entrepreneurship and teaching in reading, writing and math. The organization is currently active in India, southern and eastern Africa and Afghanistan.

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