Introducing CellaVision Image Capture System

Utilizing the small labs existing microscope, the system captures digital images of cells which can be transmitted and automatically incorporated into the workflow of the larger lab. When implemented in a network of affiliated labs, this cost effective solution gives the small lab better and faster access to the larger labs morphology expertise – which help maintain quality across the network while speeding-up consultation and turnaround times.

How it works

  • Attached to a conventional microscope, the system helps the user to find, focus and capture digital cell images, and then transmit them to the larger lab, where the differential is performed.
  • For WBC morphology, cells are automatically located and focus-assist functionality helps the user to optimize image quality. Images are captured with a single click and all selected cells are clearly presented on the right side of the screen.
  • For RBC morphology, the system allows the user to manually select up to 12 different RBC overview images.
  • When all cell images have been captured, the user simply transmits the file via the hospitals network to a CellaVision DM system at the larger lab, where the differential is performed.


  • Utilizes the lab’s existing microscope
  • Location-assist functionality
  • Focus-assist functionality

Important information

Please note that this product may not be available in all markets.

This product is not cleared by the FDA and is therefore not available for US-based customers.


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