Transform the process of performing blood and body fluid differentials

Fifteen years ago CellaVision introduced automation and digital imaging to cell morphology, thereby creating what today is known as Digital Cell Morphology. Put simply, CellaVision offers a proven technology that replaces manual microscopy to create an automated digital workflow for morphological cell analysis - enabling labs to work smarter and perform better.

We take a holistic approach to improving operational efficiency

Creating a streamlined and intelligent workflow in today’s modern labs requires more from technology than just delivering automation. For the past 15 years, we have gradually refined our product technology to ensure that we can provide labs with a range of benefits that go above and beyond automation in the pursuit of operational efficiency. The flexibility and scalability of our solutions enable us to accommodate the needs of labs of all sizes, today as well as tomorrow.

This is Digital Cell Morphology by CellaVision.


Improve EFFICIENCY by replacing manual microscopy with an automated digital imaging system that saves time and releases skilled staff.


Promote QUALITY by imple-menting innovative applications that simplify morphological examination and deliver more standardized results.


Improve CONNECTIVITY to create a collaborative process that makes more efficient and flexible use of resources staff and skills.


Promote PROFICIENCY by implementing effective processes and tools for proficiency assessment and competency promotion.