The CellaVision Server Software is a network optimization solution designed to support workflow efficiency in larger organizations; either within a network of affiliated labs, or within a single laboratory site that's equipped with multiple CellaVision analyzers. When implemented, it improves data access throughout the network, by transferring data from all connected analyzers to a centralized database residing on a single server. This facilitates workflow management and effective resource utilization while establishing a centralized and scalable IT architecture that is easy to manage and maintain.

- With this introduction, we want to help customers that have multiple analyzers in one or more sites to work smarter and perform better, says Andrew Gill, Senior Product Manager. It's always been possible to access data remotely using our Remote Review Software, but with this new product, all data can be located, stored, and maintained in a single location, he continues.

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Customer story

Hamilton Hospital, Canada

“The connectivity offered by CellaVision has enabled us to create a networked service for morphological testing incorporating four hospitals – promoting inter-lab collaboration and facilitate flexible staffing as pressure”

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