Why automate
the manual differential?

In most hematology labs, cell differentials are performed using manual microscopy. But this traditional process is not without its limitations

An introduction
to our product concept

CellaVision’s proven technology is designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood and body fluid differentials

NEW: CellaVision®
Advanced RBC Application

Our latest software innovation provide Cellavision customers with a whole new perspective on erythrocyte morphology

CellaVision® CellAtlas:
A guide to cell morphology

Our popular app offer students and laboratory professionals a reference library of digital cell images teamed with morphological descriptions

Customer story

Hamilton Hospital, Canada

“The connectivity offered by CellaVision has enabled us to create a networked service for morphological testing incorporating four hospitals – promoting inter-lab collaboration and facilitate flexible staffing as pressure”

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Mike Roscope

Meanwhile in the world of hematology*...

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