CellaVision Remote Review Software Citrix Ready

Key Features

  • Verify or correct analyzed slides remotely
  • Access patient's images remotely
  • Identify and comment on tagged regions of interest
  • Collaborate within/between hospitals
  • View cell counter results and flags

Networking and collaboration 
CellaVision® Remote Review Software Citrix Ready gives remote users access to analyzed slides. It also makes it possible to reclassify cells and sign slides from another location. Smears needing a second opinion can easily be reviewed by a pathologist from within or outside the hospital. Networking and collaboration within a hospital, or between hospitals, results in staffing flexibilities.


The picture shows that Citrix gives users access to the CellaVision Remote Review Software from anywhere within the network.

CellaVision® Remote Review Software Citrix Ready is an additional software to the CellaVision DM Analyzers and CellaVision Image Capture System.

Citrix Ready Featured image

CellaVision® Remote Review Software Citrix Ready is not available on all markets.

Contact Information

Erik Nilsson
Product specialist
+46 46 286 44 00

Ron Hagner
VP Business Development

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